Personal Loans Disclosure

Personal Loans Disclosure

Loans are written for 120 day period (four months), and can be redeemed at any time before at a prorated rate.
Loans can also be renewed for another 120 days by just paying the interest.

Rates & Fees:

Ticket Fee:
$3 for loans up to $100
$5 for loans above $100
Interest is 4% per 30 Days - A Maximum of 48% APR
Storage & Insurance - 6% of Loan

Example of a $100 loan:

at 120 days the pledgor can either renew the loan for $25, or pick up the item for $125.
If pledgor does niether, They stand to forfeit their property.
Also if pledgor was to pick up their item in the first 30 days, it would cost $113.